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Switch to LED Downlights in Brisbane. See the Light.

  • I had no clue how to go upgrading to LED and Andrew made it all seem so simple and easy. Great service and i am saving a bunch of $$$ - Judith Barnes
  • They look great! Our house looks alive with the new down lights GoLights organised. Thank you! - Karen Underwood
  • Our electrician informed us that we should changed to Go lightsLED because we had a lot of dried leaves and dust in our ceiling. Our halogen down lights run so hot that something could ignite up there and cause a disaster. Golights were great and we are very happy with our upgrade. - Adrian Kove
  • We switched to LED down lights and saw a large drop in our power bill right away. GoLights was so helpful while we were making our decision that i have recommended them to all my friends - Josh Knight
  • Save Money
  • Safe Family
  • Stay Green

Find out how

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Why Upgrade to LED Lights in Brisbane?

  • Energy Efficient LED Lighting BrisbaneUse Up to 90%
    Less Energy
  • LED Down Lights IpswichLasts Up to
    20 Times More
  • How to Make Power SavingsMade of 100%
    Recyclable Materials
  • Expert LED Lighting Consultation InalaNo Filaments:
    hard to break
  • LED Pendents, Lamps and Globes SpringwoodLess Heat
  • Calculate How Much You Would Save with LED BrisbaneNO UV Radiation
  • Energy Efficient Light SunnybankNO Mercury

Custom Save: Calculate How Much You Will Save with LED Lights

How much do you save with LED downlights in Brisbane?


Halogen Globes, Bulbd, LED Downlights, Down Lights Brisbane $1368.75 Annual Running Cost


Energy Efficient LED Globes, Downlights, Lighting Brisbane, Indooroopilly $235.88 Annual Running Cost

Figures taken from Avg Peak electricity tariff of 30c (pkh)

Convert to LED Downlights from your old halogen globes and lighting in Brisbane and start saving!
Shipping nation wide, in Brisbane we have lighting solutions to suit, call to learn more about how switching to LED can save you thousands.
Phone: (02) 9011 7903

Custom-Calculator: Commercial LED Downlights Indooroopilly, Wynnum and Springwood, Brisbane.


NUMBER OF LIGHTS: 30 units USAGE PER DAY: 10 hours


LED Downlights Springwood, Wynnum, Sunnybank, Brisbane.
2,000 HRS
875 lm
4562 KWH
4468 CO 2


LED Down Lights Online in Ashgrove, Everton, Indooroopilly, Morayfield
50,000 HRS
875 lm
1186 KWH
1162 CO 2


48,000 HRS
2920 KWH
2860 CO 2
$1132.87 PER

Figures taken from Avg Peak electricity tariff of 30c (pkh)

Calculate how much you will save by converting your Brisbane home to LED downlighting from old halogen lights.
We ship our downlights Australia wide, from our Brisbane base, and we have downlight globes and bulbs to suit just about all needs.
Call us for more information on how much you can save by converting to LED downlights in Brisbane.
Phone: (02) 9011 7903

Custom-Costs: Calculate Money Savings in Morayfield, Chermside and Inala Brisbane.

In Ground, Spot Light, Inground, Pendent LEDs Indooroopilly, Morayfield, Chermside...worried it'd cost too much to convert your Brisbane home or office to LED downlighting? Don't!

LED Lights Pay for Themselves
Buy Discount LED Downlights Online in Waterford, Coomera, Inala, Brisbane


$32 x 30 units $960
Buy Quality LED Interior Down Lighting in Brisbane North, South, Morayfield, Chermside.
Buy Cost Effective Globe, Globes, Lamp & Lamps in Ipswich Brisbaen


$1133/12 months $94.50 a month
Calculate How Much you Save with LED Lighting in Ipswich Brisbane


$960/94.50=10.2 Paid back in 10 months
Buy Downlights downlighting Online: LED Spot Lights, Oyster Light, Flood, Brisbane

Figures taken from Avg Peak electricity tariff of 30c (pkh)

Convert your home or office in Brisbane to LED downlighting from your old halogen lighting and start saving!
We can ship a downlight nation wide, from our Brisbane HQ we have light globes and bulbs to suit just about all needs.
Call us to learn more about how much you can save by switching to LED downlights in Brisbane.
Call: (02) 9011 7903

Custom Table: Buy Quality LED Downlights Online in Inala, Springwood and Wynnum

Plus, You can forget about them!

Buy Power Saving Globes Online in Inala, Springwood, Wynnum, Sunnybank. 13W LED
LED Downlight Money Savings Calculator North and South Brisbane Life span 50,000 hours = No changes required!
Cost Effective Light Indooroopilly, Morayfield, Chermside 50W HALOGEN
Life span 25,000 hours = 24 changes required!
0 hrs
25,000 hrs
50,000 hrs (15 Years!)

Fit-out your home property or office in Brisbane with LED downlights and reap the rewards. Switch from your old halogen bulbs and start saving!
We ship our downlights Australia wide, and from our Brisbane HQ we have light bulbs and globes to suit just about all needs and requirements.
Call us to learn more on how much you can actually save by switching to LED downlighting in Brisbane.
Call: (02) 9011 7903

Custom Form: Expert Lighting Consultation Sunnybank, Ashgrove, Everton, North and South Brisbane.

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